Business Plans

Business Plan, Marketing Plan, and Strategic Plan

Plan for the success of your business with a trusted partner.

Business Plan

A business plan is a living document, when written, then updated over time, it is designed to help you reach your goals. Use your business plan to secure funding, in addition, as you are ready to hire employees, you can use your business plan to persuade top talent to work for you.

Marketing Plan

Your business needs a marketing plan. A marketing plan provides a roadmap of your marketing strategy, promotions, budget, and advertising activities for the year. Your marketing plan must cover online as well as traditional efforts, your investment for the campaigns, and expected return.

Strategic Plan

When you think about your business, how do you picture it in five years? What is your future direction? What are your priorities? What impact will you have? Your strategic plan will define achievable objectives that employees can work towards. You will use your plan to communicate this information to all employees.

Corporation Associates individualizes your business for greater success

Those that dare to dream of business ownership know when they are ready to start their journey of entrepreneurship. You just need some tools to help you get started such as structure, process, and a plan. Just like driving a car, you steer to the right, you steer to the left, a business owner makes decisions every day which may be small; however, over time, they add up to make your business what you intended, or off-track.

A business plan is the insrument that you need to start with. It is not only a document that you use to seek funding, it is a living document designed to guide your business decisions. With the help of our Associates, you will have a complete business plan that is designed to help guide you so that you can achieve your goals. As your business grown you will want to speak with your Associate to strengthen your business with a tailored marketing plan, and strategic plan.

As you hire talent to fill positions within your organization, a strategic plan is the document that you will use to showcase your business. It is important that you hire the best talent that you can recruit. Your strategic plan will become talking points for the hiring process where you match the skills of individuals with the goals that you have set for your business. Individual personalities matter. Your biggest assets are your employees and with that said, identifying people with similar mindset with drive makes all the difference.

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